I'm Tukkun!

The donation program has ended.

You can still donate if you wish and I will still receive the money, however, your donations will no longer contribute towards goals and starting from October 2017, you will no longer receive rewards for donating.
Total donation amount as of July 28, 2017 is $4,404.58.
Thank you for your support.


As a game developer who does not charge money for virtual goods, it is difficult to make money. I do get money from advertisements, but it is barely enough to make a living, especially with the number of AdBlock users increasing day by day (do not worry though, I understand ads can be very annoying!). I originally intended to make games for fun only, but as I grew up, I realized that it is too difficult, and I need to make a living anyway. I have considered actually going to work in a company like other people, but with my health conditions and various other problems, that can prove to be very difficult or impossible. So I will devote all of my time to creating awesome games for you all! And, of course, those games will be free to play - and win - forever!


And that's why your contributions will be greatly appreciated! Whether it is only $1.97 or a larger amount, you have contributed to a future of epic Tukkun games free from pay-to-win stuff and microtransactions! I assure you that all of the money will be used for good purposes. Whether it is to invest in super epic game-making software or to take programming lessons or to buy myself food or motivation, they will all help me in the creation of new games (and updating of old ones)!


Don't forget to send me a message after donating so I can thank you later and send you gifts! (Either send me an email from the email address you used for donation telling me your Kongregate username, or send me a Kongregate private message with some evidence that you have donated, such as your email address or real name, or a screenshot of your donation)



Want to donate a custom amount? Click here!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by sending me a private message on Kongregate or an email to tukkun.kong@gmail.com.





You can receive gifts by donating! See here for more details on what you can get from a donation.




How else can I support?

Simply playing my games is supporting me already! I receive money from advertisements on Kongregate, so for every 6 times or so that you play my games without using an ad blocking program, I will receive $0.01 from Kongregate! That may be a little amount, but every cent helps!


If you enjoy my games, do tell your friends about them (that means more popularity and ad revenue for me, which all convert to more awesomeness)! And don't forget to give them a 5 star rating on Kongregate and leave a positive feedback! Your positive comments and encouragements are what motivate me to keep on making awesome games!





Q: How do I know that I'm donating to the REAL Tukkun? What if this website turns out to be fraudulent and my favorite developer Tukkun does not receive any money?


A: You can check Tukkun's Kongregate profile page, which contains a link to this website. Tukkun will not link to a fake website in his own profile page, right?



Q: How do I make sure that Tukkun receives the money?


A: If PayPal says that your transaction is successful, I will pretty much always be able to receive the money. There are no reported cases of donation failure so far. If you have any concerns or want to make sure that I am still alive and capable of receiving money, send me an email or Kongregate private message.



Q: How will the donation money be used?


A: The donation money will be primarily used for me to make a living - as in, buy food and stuff. That may sound kind of trivial but I need food to continue making games! And more food = BETTER GAMES! In addition, your donations will also give me TONS of motivation to keep on making awesome games - it's not just about money, but it gives me the feeling that you actually CARE about my games. And that's AMAZING!



Q: Will Tukkun receive ALL of the money that I donate?


A: Not really. PayPal has a "fee" of 4.4% + $0.30 per transaction. In addition, there is a small currency conversion fee that varies from time to time. Generally though, I will receive approximately 92% of the donated amount!



Q: What will I get for donating?


A: That varies from time to time, too! See this page for more details.



Q: Why didn't I receive the goods that I'm supposed to get from donating?


A: Those are sent manually, so it can take up to a few days (and in cases where there are unexpected technical problems or I'm on a vacation, a few weeks) for me to send you the items. If you are unhappy with that, you can request a refund but that will make me quite sad :( Also, if you do not have a Kongregate account or did not enter your username when donating, I will not send you gifts. If you decide to change your mind or have newly registered a Kongregate account, you can send me a private message on Kongregate with evidence that you have donated, and I will send you your gift code shortly after!



Q: I forgot to enter my username / did not see any place where I could enter my username. What evidence do I need to send in order to receive gifts?


A: You can send me the donation amount (e.g. $13.37), the date and time of the donation (some inaccuracy is okay - not necessary if you donated just recently), plus one of the following three information through private messages here:

- Your real name

- Your email address used for donation

- A screenshot of something proving that you have made the donation (it is probably in your email)

Alternatively, you can send me an email with your Kongregate username.



Q: Will Tukkun ACTUALLY fulfill the goals listed on the top of the page when donation goals are reached?


A: I will DEFINITELY try my best! While there's no 100% promise, those are also projects that excite me and I want to make them sooner or later anyway! Once a donation goal is reached, I will get started on the project right away and will be posting frequent progress reports to my blog!



Q: Will my name be written somewhere if I donate? And is there a list of donors?


A: I do have a list of donors, but it is for my private use and I do not intend to publish it. And your name will not be written anywhere on my website. If you feel the need to "brag" that you have donated, feel free to post in the forum or something like that. I respect your privacy and will never reveal your information or the fact that you have donated without your consent.



Q: Why does the payment page ask me for personal information that seem unnecessary? I'm merely making a DONATION, why would I have to fill out my name and even home address?


A: Because PayPal treats it like a regular payment (as in, you're buying some product), you have to fill in some personal information. These will only be used in absolutely necessary cases (such as disputes or lawsuit problems), which are unlikely to happen. I do not keep or use your personal information, and will never contact you in person.



Q: I donated, but the amount on the top of the page did not change! How come?


A: That total amount is updated manually, so don't worry! I usually update it every few days or when I receive a donation. If you successfully donated though, I will receive it and will usually send you a private message (if you entered your Kongregate username). If you are, for any reason, bothered by the fact that the total amount has not been updated for a long time, please send me a private message on Kongregate telling me to update it.



Q: Are there any legal "terms and conditions" associated with these donations?


A: While there is very little legal stuff involved, donations are affected by PayPal's terms of service. I do not want to associate donations with legal stuff because that is very costly (which goes against the whole point of donations), and I want donations to remain voluntary. I do not want to turn gifts and goals into the primary point of donations. I reserve the rights to refuse to give items to donors (although I likely won't do so unless I'm no longer alive), or to fail to fulfill the donation goals, or to discontinue part or all of the donation system at any time without any prior notice.



Q: There are websites like Kick something or Pa something something that allow you to get more donations. How come you don't use those?


A: I'd totally love to, but those services are blocked where I live :(