I'm Tukkun!


Here, you can check out (some of) my most significant works, along with unfinished projects!





Finished / Playable Games

Anti-Idle: The Game

URL: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Tukkun/anti-idle-the-game

Genre: Idle

Status: Playable and still being updated with new content and bug fixes.

Release Date: Dec. 24, 2009 (yeah, that's when I was 14 years old!)



Released in 2009 and still being updated after 6 years, with over 10,000,000 play count and an average rating of 4.23 / 5 after 100,000 ratings, this is unarguably one of my most successful games, and is among the top 50 most played games on the popular gaming website Kongregate.


Anti-Idle: The Game is an idle-type game, where you can "play" simply by doing nothing and even walking away from your computer, but there are also plenty of things you can do when you are actively playing the game.


The game consists of a Progress Bar that automatically fills, giving you EXP and money, allowing you to make progress and level up without doing anything. However, actively playing will allow this Progress Bar to fill more quickly, and the player will be able to take part in many activities contributing to progress in the whole game, such as planting and harvesting trees, playing minigames, fishing, playing an original card game called TukkunFCG, or even taking part in combat in the Battle Arena! The Battle Arena is often regarded to as the most interesting feature of Anti-Idle: The Game, with a very simple combat style using only keyboard buttons to attack and use various skills, but with complex equipment, stat and skill systems along with many different areas and raids to make things always new and exciting! Some of the features themselves also allow the player to progress without doing anything - such as the Auto Fight system in the Battle Arena.


A great mix of idle and active elements, as well as the long gameplay and complexity is what makes Anti-Idle: The Game successful. The biggest downside of Anti-Idle: The Game is probably the complicated and messy user interface and that a few features are poorly designed - most of this is the result of the fact that I created this when I was only 14 years old! However, I have learned a lot since then, and my visions have also changed, so you can expect my future games not to have these flaws!


Still, despite a few minor flaws here and there, Anti-Idle: The Game is definitely a game worth checking out - it is popular for a reason! If you are a fan of idle games or want to try something new, Anti-Idle: The Game is definitely a title you can't miss. And it's completely FREE, so what do you have to lose?




Kana Warrior / かなウォリアー

URL: http://www.kongregate.com/games/Tukkun/kana-warrior

Genre: Educational (Japanese learning)

Status: Finished!

Release Date: Feb. 05, 2015



Due to my frustration with not being able to memorize Hiragana and Katakana (the two basic writing systems of Japanese) and because I needed to create a "software" for a school project, I had decided to create Kana Warrior - a game allowing players to learn Hiragana and Katakana. This way I would be able to memorize Hiragana and Katakana, AND I would have something to submit for my school project!


And the results were impressive. Not only did I manage to memorize Hiragana and Katakana thanks to the help of my own game, the school project also turned out to be a huge success receiving a perfect score 10.0, AND Kana Warrior is also really well-received on the gaming website Kongregate, with an average rating of approximately 3.85 / 5 and over 100,000 play count. Sure, that's only 1% of Anti-Idle's play count, but take in consideration that Kongregate is not an educational website - it is a GAMING website! The game has also received two prizes from Kongregate: #2 weekly best game (worth $150) and #7 monthly best game in February 2015 (worth $250)!

Kana Warrior is a game that allows you to learn the two basic writing systems of Japanese in a brand new way. Featuring two play modes and three fun minigames, Kana Warrior allows you to learn Hiragana more quickly and efficiently than ever! In only 2 ~ 3 hours of gameplay, players will be able to read a reasonable amount of Hiragana and Katakana, and with just some more practice, players will be more than ready to learn more complicated things on their own such as grammar and vocabulary, and even Kanji! That's not to even mention that it's FUN - why stare at boring charts or flash cards and drill each character hundreds of times (and still not memorize anything), when you can instead shoot ninjas, destroy obstacles and defeat bosses while learning Hiragana and Katakana at the same time? The thing with Kana Warrior is that you will immediately know it when you forget a character, so you can improve exactly what you need to improve for maximum efficiency!


The original school project version had some Kanji in it, however, because this feature was largely incomplete, I decided to take it out from the Kongregate version. Don't worry though! I plan to create a Kanji learning game in the near future, so if you enjoyed the Kana Warrior method to learn Kana, you will enjoy my Kanji game too!


Kana Warrior has turned the learning of Hiragana and Katakana into a breeze for most of my classmates. What about you? Do you want to learn Japanese? Did you try to learn Japanese but found it way too difficult to memorize all the Hiragana and Katakana characters? Or do you just want to learn some new useful thing in your free time? Then DEFINITELY check out Kana Warrior!





Games in Development

Kanji no Tou / 漢字の塔

Genre: Educational (Japanese learning), Idle

Status: In development.

Estimated Release Date: Some time in 2016.



Kanji no Tou (漢字の塔, lit. "Tower of Kanji") is a Kanji-learning game which doubles as a vocabulary learner, where players fight monsters by selecting the correct reading of Japanese words written in Kanji! As the player progresses through the game, the player will learn new Kanji and vocabulary selected from the most commonly used words in Japan and words that are likely to appear in the JLPT. As the player learns more Kanji, the difficulty of the game also increases, but the player is also strengthened, allowing for faster progress! The game also incorporates common idle / incremental / RPG elements to give players a relaxing feeling when playing!


Some key features of Kanji no Tou include:

- Learn over 2,000 Kanji picked from the list of Joyo Kanji (常用漢字), plus a selection of other Kanji often encountered in Japanese text!

- While you learn all those Kanji, also learn over 10,000 new words along the way!

- Word meanings are clarified in English and rated by usefulness. Words with abnormal readings are marked. Readings are provided for each individual Kanji of the word rather than the entire word.

- Kanji and vocabulary carefully selected and added by hand from a list of commonly used words, to ensure that you learn just enough - not too little, not too much. Textbooks often provide way too little information to be practical, while dictionaries provide too much (and are boring to look at). Kanji no Tou does not have this problem.

- RPG elements such as level grinding, collecting loot and equipment, etc. will be incorporated to make you feel like you're playing an exciting game, and the Japanese learning is only some bonus that comes with it!

- Idle elements allowing you to progress (at a slower pace) even when you are not learning! The more you learn, the stronger you become - and these idle moments will let you clearly see the "results" of your learning, in the form of a game character battling monsters!

- Monsters shaped like Kanji radicals to familiarize you with Kanji more quickly!

- Learn any new Kanji you see simply by copying it into the game!

- Add your custom words. Know a commonly used word that is not in Kanji no Tou? Did your teacher teach you an obscure word that you have to study for an exam, and you want to use Kanji no Tou to learn it more quickly? Yeah, add that to the game.

- Customization features to ensure that learners can focus on what they want to learn!

- Kana practice for people who are still unfamiliar with Hiragana and Katakana.