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Make a donation, and I will send you a gift code that you can use to unlock rewards in my games!


Note: These are NOT meant as micro-transactions, but small gifts given as a token of appreciation for donating. Therefore, the rewards below are very small and definitely not as valuable as the amount of money you donated. As much as I want to reward donors, I don't want to turn my games into pay-to-win games! Thank you very much for your understanding.


You will not receive the gift code instantly after making the donation. It will usually take a few days. Feel free to contact me if you feel that you have waited for too long and still haven't received a code.




Gift Summary

[1] If you wish, you can request your own medal design, be it your favorite monster or your pixelated real-life face. You can draw it yourself or I will try to draw it based on your description. Feel free to request the design before donating by sending me a Kongregate private message. We will discuss the possibilities. Your design may or may not be added, and you will have to wait until the next game update for it to be available. The design will be available to all other users who donate $13.37 or higher - it is NOT one-of-a-kind.

[2] Alternatively, the Advanced Drawing Board can be unlocked by earning 1,000,000 Battle Points in-game.

[3] Note that the game is currently unreleased. Extra Contribution Points are based on your total donation amount. You don't receive the specified amount every time you donate. For example, donating $13.37 twice will not give you 20,000 x 2 = 40,000 Contribution Points. Instead, you will be considered to be in the $24.97 tier (because your total donation amount is $26.74), and therefore you will receive a total of 30,000 Contribution Points. You can receive a maximum of 50,000 Contribution Points from donations.

[4] Depends on the requirement of each individual reward.

[*] All gifts are subject to change. If you have any concerns, please contact Tukkun in advance.




Gift Details


For "Anti-Idle: The Game":


$1.97 or higher - You will be able to craft the [Contributor] Medal in the Battle Arena (for free!), as many times as you want! In addition, the crafting limitation for the custom name medal will be removed (you will no longer be limited to 3 Mysterious Squares per month)!



$3.97 or higher - You will be able to craft the [Honorable Anti-Idler] Medal in the Battle Arena (for free!), which has slightly better stats than the [Contributor] Medal! You can craft it as many times as you want, too!



$6.97 or higher - You will be able to craft a medal that is named after your Anti-Idle title at the moment you craft it! Want a medal with a super epic, one-of-a-kind name that defines you? Imagine it, change your title and craft it! (Note: You can't cheat for set bonuses by naming it something like "Demon Slayer Bow", that won't work :P)

You can also craft it as many times as you want, so don't worry if you want to name it something differently!



$13.37 or higher - You will be able to choose between more different medal shapes! They all come with the same stats as the $6.97 medal and are all named after your Anti-Idle title! There are over 20 designs to choose from, and more may become available in the future! Again, you can craft as many of these as you want!

If you want a custom design, feel free to send me a private message and we will discuss the possibilities!

In addition, you will unlock 12 extra colors for your medal name, for a total of 15. Change your medal name color by pressing Left and Right arrow keys in Deserted Alley!



$24.97 or higher - You will be able to unlock the Advanced Version of the Drawing Board instantly, which allows you to choose any desired color by entering the hex code, change the transparency of your drawing, and also save and load drawings!

The Advanced Version of the Drawing Board can also be unlocked by earning 1,000,000 Battle Points in the Battle Arena.



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